Toner Puff by MakeUp Eraser

Toner Puff by MakeUp Eraser

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Introducing the fantastic seven-pack of non-absorbent PUFFs – made by the MakeUp Eraser!  These round puffs are the ultimate game-changer in your skincare routine! Say farewell to those mundane cotton rounds, because with these, it's bye-bye cotton rounds forever!

Why these PUFFs are your new BFFs:

Reusable: These little wonders are your beauty pals for the long run, making them not only eco-friendly but wallet-friendly too!

🌪️ Machine Washable: They come with a little zipper bag, so its easy to throw them in with your regular laundry and watch them emerge fresh, clean, and ready for action.

🌿 No Added Chemicals: We believe in keeping it clean and simple, so you won't find any unwanted chemicals here.

🌎 Eliminates Waste: Join the movement and help us combat the staggering 60 BILLION cotton rounds wasted every year. Let's make a difference together! #whatthepuff #nomorewaste

But that's not all – these PUFFs are as gentle as they come. They're free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, and sulfates. Your skin deserves nothing but the best!

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