Sparkling Through The Ages with Gem Stones in Skincare (& Why Gem Stones are so Good for our Skin)

Sparkling Through The Ages with Gem Stones in Skincare (& Why Gem Stones are so Good for our Skin)

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Today I am going to share the glittering history and current uses of the ultimate luxury in skincare….gemstones! From ancient civilizations to modern-day beauty rituals, these luminous gems have been a timeless secret for beautiful skin.

Ancient Beginnings: A Gemstone’s Quest for Beauty

When I think of ancient beauty and gemstones, my mind immediately pictures Cleopatra. Not surprising, because Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen herself, often indulged in lavish baths adorned with precious gemstones like amethysts, gold, emeralds, and sapphires. This queen knew what was up – she recognized the enchanted properties of gemstones, not just for jewelry but also for skincare!

The Middle Ages: The Mystery and Magic of Gemstone Elixirs

As time marched on, gemstone elixirs gained popularity in medieval times. People believed that these elixirs, made by soaking gemstones in water, contained the mystical powers of the stones and could promote inner and outer beauty.

The Renaissance: Gemstones Meet Alchemy

During the Renaissance, alchemists got in on the action, fusing gemstone elixirs with other skincare ingredients. They believed this alchemical fusion would unlock the ultimate elixir of youth. While we may not have discovered the Fountain of Youth just yet, we can’t deny the allure of gemstone-infused skincare that continues to cast its magnetic pull to them.

Modern Revival: A Gemstone Renaissance in Skincare

Fast forward to today – gemstone-infused skincare is experiencing a dazzling revival! The natural allure and beauty-enhancing properties of these stones are undeniable. Gemstone-infused face masks, serums, and even facial rollers have become the latest craze among beauty gurus and skincare enthusiasts alike. Just imagine rolling a cool jade roller over your face, feeling the stress melt away while your skin soaks up the loving energy of the gemstone. It’s like a mini spa retreat at home!

Gems and Their Marvelous Benefits

Let’s get to the good stuff and discuss what exactly makes these gemstones so special for our skin! Well, each gem brings a unique set of benefits to the beauty table. To explore these in more detail, we are going to highlight the gems that are used in Elina Organics Gemstone Collection and discuss what purpose they serve for our skin, besides adding a little glam to our skincare routines.


This vibrant purple gem is said to have calming properties, making it perfect for soothing irritated skin and reducing redness, and it promotes healthy cell growth as well.  Amethyst Polish is the perfect polish to calm breakouts and reduce redness.  As it gently exfoliates dead skin cells, it leaves your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated and healthy!  it’s like a spa day for your face!


Similar to amethysts, this blue beauty calms your mind, soul, and skin, but it also has hydrating, rejuvenating and healing properties. However, if that is not enough, Elina Organics took these precious gems and infused tons of antioxidants, including Vitamin C, and infused hyaluronic acid and gotu kola, into their Sapphire Mask making it an exceptional mask to help those with dry and aging skin.


Pearls, the ocean’s precious jewels, are rich in minerals and amino acids, and contains 30 trace minerals to support skin health making them ideal for brightening dull skin and promoting a youthful glow by encouraging collagen production. Known as a “walking facial”, and the “anti-aging miracle” their Crushed Pearl Powder uses crushed pearl powder in their foundation and setting powder, it is also used in several other products. Additionally, this foundation not only has crushed pearls for encouraging collagen production, it also utilizes iron oxide to give its color and zinc oxide for sun protection. It’s the perfect trifecta to give you a flawless, protected glow! Can you say Mermaid vibes?


From deep within the Baltic Sea, these deep, fiery orange beauties area a natural source of succinic acid which has powerful antioxidant effects that firm skin and minimize signs of aging by reducing toxins and free radicals. It has immediate and long-term effects that energize cells and firms your skin by stimulating collagen. These gems were known for their rejuvenating properties and have been recognized since the Roman times, where ladies of the court used to hold these stones closer to them believing that by merely holding them, it would make them appear younger. Ambra Lift Elixir also uses the fabulous crushed pearl powder, marine peptides and ginko biloba to come together in an amazing elixir (can be used as a serum under a moisturizer or as your moisturizer) that lifts, rejuvenates and firms your skin!


This lush, green gem represents nature’s bounty. In skincare, emeralds can detoxify and revitalize your complexion. Combined with gold imprints, ginko biloba, cucumber extract and green tea, the Emerald Eye Elixir is the perfect morning eye elixir because it’s unique formula helps to depuff, brighten and revitalize the area around your eyes.


While not a gem, but a luxurious mineral and element, it seemed only fitting that we close this list with a product that was named for the Queen of Lux, herself. Cleopatra’s Neck Cream, is created with colloidal gold, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to damaged skin cells and aids in the regeneration cycle of new cells . Along with silk peptides and reishi mushrooms, this neck cream will be your go to product to accelerate skin regeneration, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the loss of elastin!

Glowing with Gemstone Power

So, there you have it – the glittering history of gemstones in skincare, from the ancient wonders of Cleopatra to our modern-day skincare practices. These radiant rocks have stood the test of time, capturing our hearts and bringing out our natural beauty with their enchanting properties.  Whether you’re a history buff, a skincare junkie, or simply a gemstone enthusiast, incorporating gemstone-infused products into your routine can be a fun and luxurious way to pamper yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like royalty with a touch of gemstone magic?  So, go ahead and let your skin sparkle and shine with the timeless power of gemstones – it’s time to treat yourself like the gem you truly are! Until next time, stay glowing and keep on sparkling!


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