Aromatherapy Kits


Target your aromatherapy experience with these customized kits!

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Aromatherapy Kits

Make your home into a spa and target your aromatherapy experience with these customized kits!

Immunity Kit
  • Long day at work? The home office circulating with germs? Just not enough hours in the day? Life’s stressors and lack of sleep can compromise the immune system. Give it a surge with this immunity kit featuring some of Sparoom’s most popular essential oil products. Get your immune system back to neutral and promote a healthier you! This kit contains:
  • 10 mL IMMUNITY Essential Oil Blend
  • 15 mL EUCALYPTUS Mint Shower Spray
  • 10 mL SINUS Topical Roll-On
Sleep Essentials Kit
  • Eye Mask
  • Travel Bag (8.75 x 1.25 x 5.25″)
  • SLEEP Essential Oil Blend (5 mL ): Add a few drops to an aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy the fragrances of nature. This blend contains sweet orange, lavendin, mandarin, frankincense), yang ylang, and sweet marjoram essential oils. Extremely potent, use with care!
  • SLEEP Topical Essential Oil Roll-On (10mL): The Sleep essential oil blend suspended in pure coconut oil. This product is safe to apply to the skin – roll on a touch here and there before bed to create your very own bubble of calm.
Vitality Sensory Pack
  • The Vitality Sensory Pack includes a blend for every mood!
  • SLEEP Essential Oil Blend: Nurturing sweet marjoram, restoring frankincense and soothing ylang ylang help ease the mind, as freeing lavandin balances a light citrus scent, delivering a restful blend. Perfect for relaxing.
  • EUCALYPTUS Essential Oil Blend: With more than 600 species of eucalyptus, this Blue Gum variety emits an earthy, mint fragrance with a kiss of honey. This strong aromatic is a must-have for your essential oil collection.
  • BREATHE EASY Essential Oil Blend: Use your nose as nature intended and avoid breathing through your mouth with this clearing blend of refreshing peppermint, invigorating eucalyptus, fresh pine, and strengthening rosemary.

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Immunity Kit, Sleep Essentials Kit, Vitality Sensory Pack