Such a small and simple word with so much emotion and intensity packed into it. For me, it is at the core of who I am. In this ever-changing, sometimes wildly chaotic world, for better for worse, my family is what keeps me grounded, inspired, and excited to try new things. It seems only fitting that this new adventure of Harborside Bath & Body would begin on a trip with family... on a sisters trip.

To escape some of the craziness of 2020, my sisters and I went on a weekend getaway to Traverse City, Michigan. We planned a wine tour, fun shopping, and great dining. While on this trip, we came across a Great Lakes Bath & Body store, filled with amazing, all natural bath and body products.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a symphony of aromatic sensations that truly had us wanting more! My sisters and I fell in love with their products, and the seed of bringing Michigan-made, all natural bath and body products to the east side of the state was planted.

Call it true love.

When I retired from 27 years in corporate America, I could think of nothing better than being able to relax again in my hometown of Rogers City, Michigan. Rogers City borders the east coast of the state (the Sunrise Side!) and its idyllic landscape, Lake Huron shoreline, northern pines, and fresh air always seem to calm and restore my soul. I love my beautiful hometown, I love the great state of Michigan, and I love amazing bath and body products. Because of this love, and with some strong encouragement from my sister, Bridget, who helps me with every facet of the business, Harborside Bath & Body was born!

Our store features fabulous all natural bath and body products, skin care, cosmetics, grooming products for men, clean burning soy candles, and beautiful jewelry, all crafted by fantastic Michigan based companies! Just like beautiful northern Michigan, these products are fresh, unpolluted, all natural, and truly clean beauty.

The companies that we feature, including our inspiration company, Great Lakes Bath & Body, all take pride in producing the highest quality products for their customers. They have been featured in national and state publications and newscasts and are recognized as faithful artisans to their craft. Harborside Bath & Body brings all of these fabulous products together in one beautiful location! We are located right off of the US-23 Heritage Route/Michigan Byways, so we’re a great stopping point!

We also carry a great selection of must-have accessories (pumice stones, loofas, eye masks, etc) to compliment all of these amazing Michigan based products. Stop by and see us, and you’ll be sure to understand why we love our products, our community, and our great state!

– Hayley Rose

Made in Michigan

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